1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Price: $49,995

Model: 1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Location: Denver

Odometer: 89,000 KM

Exterior Color:  Mid Grey

Interior: Grey

Title Status: Clean

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Additional Specs: Rare Lux  model with power windows and sunroof, Recaro hex patterned seats, Remus cat-back exhaust and upgraded Clarion audio.

Availability: Test Drives available by appointment

  • Vehicle Overview

    In the early 1990s, rally racing gave birth to a plethora of high-tech, turbocharged machines, especially from the Japanese, with cars like the Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru STI and Toyota Celica GT-Four. The Escort RS Cosworth was Europe’s way of fighting back. The car was just as high tech as its Asian rivals, except it had a Ford badge, which made it appear like a genuine home-team effort for European fans. This version of the Escort was of course, not sold in America, nor was rally racing as popular west of the Atlantic ocean. But in Europe it was the textbook definition of Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.

    Never meet your heroes, they say. Well I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, obsessed with rally-bred super-hatches so when the opportunity came to import this low-mileage 1994 Cossie I jumped at it. By default, you tend to love everything about the vehicle, and globally speaking, the Escort Cosworth is just ass kick-ass as you’d imagine it to be. It still feels fresh and fun, even today. There were just 7,145 cars produced and this is one of the early versions (‘92-’94), equipped with a larger factory turbocharger. Combined with all-wheel drive, Motorsport seats, a power Sunroof and upgraded Audio -- this car is sure to put a grin on your face.

  • Standard Features

    - Longitudinally mounted Cosworth 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo motor producing 227 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque.

    - Permanent four wheel drive with a 34/66% front/rear split  courtesy of an up-rated five speed gearbox.

    - Recaro sports seats

    - This car is one of the early "homologation specials," used to get the FIA accreditation in group A rallying and is fitted with an oversized Garrett T3/T04B Hybrid turbo (also known as the T34) and air/water intercooler. These units displayed significant turbo lag below 3500rpm, but when the turbo wakes up the Escort RS Cosworth is reminiscent of a Group B car with savage entry of turbo boost.

    - This Lux version Cossie includes Recaro xex patterned seats, power windows and a power Sunroof/moonroof.

  • Condition Report

    This car was acquired from the owner of a small garage in Izegem, Belgium. In July, 2019 he replaced the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, timing belt and tensioner.

    The factory stereo was replaced with a clarion touch unit offering Bluetooth connectivity

    The car is mostly stock with a few exceptions including a; Remus cat-back exhaust, Powerflex sway bar bushings and an alloy power steering reservoir

    The 'whale tail' rear wing and front spoiler incurred minor paint damage during transit and were professionally repaired in Denver. The headliner was also restored to it's original factory condition.

    In an effort to preserve the cars originality we  replaced the shift boot, shift knob and re-badged the trunk with original factory equipment.

    Overall this a very clean example with low miles, no rust and recent maintenance.

    A complete pre-purchase inspection is available from Classic200, a repair facility in Aurora, CO

  • Why it's a Cult Car

    This is a rare car with a total of just 7,145 cars produced between February 1992 and January 1996.  Just a few cars have made it across the pond making it even more rare in the United States. With it's rally pedigree and distinctive wale tail the Escort RS Cossworth lives-on as one of the most iconic cars of the 1990's.


    $299 dealer handling will be added to the final sale price. Extended warranties and gap insurance are available, please ask if you have any questions.

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