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Why We Love Them

Ford escort RS Cosworth 1.jpg


Manufactured from 1992 - 1996

Average Values: $51,00 - $63,000

Independent suspension all-round and four-wheel drive with 34/66 split front/rear are cool features on a modern car; but on something appearing in 1992, well, it showed the Escort Cosworth was deadly serious.  But these are irrelevant points right now because… look at the wing. Gawking at an Escort Cosworth and commenting on anything else is like complimenting a pole dancer’s eyebrows. Just look at that bloody wing… it’s massive. Yes, later versions of the Escort Cosworth featured a smaller turbo and, though less powerful - down to 217 from 227bhp - were considered the better drive, but… look at the wing. (borrowed from

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