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1973 Porsche 914

T-5R don't hit the market very often. When they emerge they tend to be garage queens or clapped-out daily drivers.











5 sp Manual

3 LITer flat-6














  • 3.0L Flat-6 from a 911SC

  • Rebuilt Engine

  • Rebuilt Transmission

  • Refinished interior

  • Wide body fenders

  • Show quality repaint in yellow

  • Additional front oil cooler

  • Upgraded audio system

  • 5-Speed Manual

  • Rust free example

  • Just 2,000 Miles since being rebuilt



We’re delighted to offer this 914/6, a car that will absolutely delight you with a visceral driving experience. Start with a lightweight platform that tips the scales at just over two thousand pounds then add a mid-engine, fuel Injected 3.0L Flat-6 taken from a 911 SC. The car was originally spec’d as a 914/4, and spent much of its life with the previous owner who resided in Washington State. A folder of service records dating back to October 1994 is available for your review. The 914 you see today is the culmination of a complete ground up restoration carried out over two decades by two owners. The most recent repair order totals $42,570 with 160 hours of labor. Current ownership dates back to 2014. We are told the previous owner only drove the car on sunny days in Seattle — so probably not too often!



In 2019, the current owner contracted air-cooled Porsche specialist, Eisenbuds Inc. of Denver, CO, to replace the motor with a 3.0L Flat-6 taken from a 911SC. 

Purportedly the engine was built by Franz Blam Racing in 2018, a company that was well-regarded for building and maintaining street and race cars for BMW and Porsche enthusiasts. According to the Seller, the owner of the shop who installed the motor spoke directly with Franz Blam who validated what was done to the SC engine; the motor was built and balanced with Euro cylinder heads, CIS fuel injection, and a complete stainless steel exhaust system with a GT style muffler. The iconic rumble of a Porsche flat-six has found new meaning in this 914. A new wiring harness was installed to handle the engine change and while the exact horsepower number isn’t known our closest estimate is about 180 BHP. The addition of a Patrick Motorsports front mount oil cooler is noted along with an upgraded fuel pump and fresh fluids throughout. A discerning eye will notice custom rocker covers, hiding the tubing for the oil cooler which is located in the front trunk. A break-in oil change was performed after 1,000 miles (89,100 odometer miles) and roughly another 1,000 miles have been put on the car since then.

Driveline & Suspension

To cope with the demands of added power the transmission was rebuilt including; all new bushings, seals, and bearings. Handling was dramatically improved with the installation of a new steering rack, tie rods, vented disc brakes, Bilstein shocks, and lowering springs. The tires are Toyo Proxes R1R’s, 205’s in front with 225’s in the rear. They are wrapped around a set of 5 lug Fuchs wheels measuring 15x8 in the rear and 15x7 in the front.



A revamped interior features many bits of new old stock including the console and door cards. The vinyl seats were reupholstered to match and features contrast stitching – a cool detail that really makes the interior pop.  A Momo Competition steering wheel and 50 Jare floor mats complete the interior aesthetic. The audio system was also upgraded with Bluetooth connectivity, 6 Infinity speakers, and an Alpine head unit. Or, just turn off the stereo and step on the gas — you’ll be delighted by a flat 6-cylinder symphony!


The exterior condition of this car is nearly flawless. Our photographer notes “I couldn't find any cosmetic damage anywhere on the car. This car has been repainted and the paint looks amazing in person – there were hardly any signs of wear and tear on the exterior.” During previous ownership, the body was stripped to bare metal and any signs of rust were either repaired or replaced with original replacement parts. ‘While you’re in there’ is a phrase this car has heard numerous times and while the car was in bare metal having rust repairs done, the previous owner added 914/6 fenders to accommodate wider 225 tires at the rear, giving the car a more muscular appearance. The body is laser straight and the Flame Yellow paint job appears in concourse condition. Adding to the exterior allure you’ll find new euro spec tail lights, fresh rubber trim, and new stainless on the windscreen and sails. A new windshield was fitted, along with a new grill. The custom front and ready bumpers, valances, and rocker covers are presented in satin black.

Porsche 914

The year was 1973, Opec restricted crude oil to the United States causing a 200% spike in fuel prices. A wave of fuel-efficient cars was born and the Porsche 914 was one of them. Originally the platform was to be a joint venture between Volkswagen and Porsche. 


The VW would offer a fuel-injected 1.7 L VW Type 4 flat-four engine producing 80 bhp while Porsche's 914/6 variant featured the 2.0 L air-cooled Type 901/3 flat-six engine from the 1967–1969 911T model.  Ultimately Porsche offered both the 4 and 6-cylinder variants as the contract with VW fell apart prior to starting production.  

The 914 is a two-seater Targa built in West Germany between the late 1960s through to the mid-1970s. Porsche campaigned the 914 in selected rally events and with greater success in circuit racing. A 914/6 GT driven by Frenchmen Claude Ballot-Léna and Guy Chasseuil won the GTS class and finished sixth overall at the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans. Another Factory-Built 914/6 GT; One of Only 16 Customer Cars built for the 1970 season, finished 1st in Class at the 24 Hours of Daytona and 4th in Class at the 12 Hours of Sebring. For many years the 914 lived in the shadows of the ever-popular 911, but there’s been a resurgence of interest in its nimble handling and lively character on the road.





The interior of the car is awesome if yellow is your thing. Stitching on all the seats and door panels is top-notch and looks OEM.



Couldn't find any cosmetic damage anywhere on the car. This car has been repainted and the paint looks amazing in person, and there were hardly any signs of wear and tear on the exterior.  



Mechanically everything was in working order. The car felt responsive and shifts were crisp. 


photographer's notes

This car is an attention getter in every way possible. The paint is loud and the car is loud. The added fender flares immediately caught my eye and I love the look of this car. The boxy fenders look factory and allow for a lot more rubber (225/45 front and 205/50 rear ) to be stuffed under the already panted car. The paint looked great and there were hardly any signs of wear and tear on the exterior and interior. Driving this car can only be described as visceral, from the sound of the exhaust, and back pressure pops to the air-cooled woosh of the larger motor and rail like handling, this car will make you grin while breaking necks. Mechanically everything was in working order. The car felt responsive and shifts were crisp. 

The added after-market radio and speakers is a nice addition, not that you can hear it unless you're bumping. The drone of the exhaust might be off-putting to some, but if you know, you know! Music to my ears! I love the addition to the oil cooler, and it takes up minimal frunk space to boot. The interior of the car is awesome, if yellow is your thing. Stitching on all the seats and door panels is top notch and looks OEM.


Overall, an awesome example of a tastefully and functionally modified 914.

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