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Consignment Auto Sales for Modern Classics
Drive with passion.
Save time by finding the right buyers and selling at the highest price possible

When you choose a professional to help sell your vehicle, it's really like hiring a marketing firm. Our job is to know the best way to reach

buyers out there -- how to make

your vehicle shine, and how to

help you offer it at a price

that entices the right



Why choose Cult Cars?

1. Because your time is valuable

2. We help car collectors save time by finding the right     

     buyers and selling at the highest price possible

3. Owning, maintaining, and driving your car can be

     much different than trying to sell it

4. Are you tired of the dead-end messages, no-shows,

     and joyrides? It's time to consider a different 


What's My Car Worth

We cross-reference multiple databases and auction results to determine a real-time value for your vehicle. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response

Thanks for your inquiry!

We're the solution for enthusiasts who’d
rather be driving
than selling.

1. Customer Service: transparency throughout the

     sales process    

2. Professional photography & video: make your car

     feel sexy with a stylized photo shoot and video    

3. Competitive pricing that appeals to your sense

     of value

Listing Package

$1,000  -  8% commission


•  150-200 photos

•  2-3 Fully edited "Hero" Shots

•  Scenic outdoor location


•  3-4 minute video walk around with attention to details, zoom and pan shots

•  30 second minute cold start video

•  30 second interior video

•  1-2 minute driving video

•  30 second exterior drive by video

•  We edit the video and create an engaging promotional video for Youtube


•  Professional detail including; interior and exterior wash, steam clean engine, undercarriage wash, leather conditioning, and vacuum.

•  All marketing is SEO optimized to improve search results, reducing overall days on the market.   

•  Once the car is sold you’ll receive a custom-made limited edition 18x24 poster


•  Expertly written description including an in-depth vehicle onboarding interview.  

•  We upload maintenance records, and window stickers and research the model history to include historical data to engage our target audience further

•  Your listing will be hosted on the Cult Cars website and syndicated to other top automotive websites like Hemmings, Ebay Autos, Hagerty Classifieds, and

•  We list the car on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and insert the listing into specific groups where our target audience will see it.

•  We also utilize auction platforms including; Bring a Trailer, Auto Hunters, Hagerty Marketplace, Bonhams, and Pcar Market. We go to bat for you to ensure we get the best possible reserve. You, of course, retain the right to approve the reserve price before the auction goes live. We pay the auction fees. 

•  Paid promotion on social media channels including Facebook and Instagram

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