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With an original listing price of $325,277 this 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano arrived with many desirable upgrades. At the heart of this grand tourer is a 5.9 liter 12 cylinder motor making 611 hp and 448 lb-ft of torque. The 599 weighs just over 3,700 lbs and can accelerate from 0-60 in just over three seconds, reaching a top speed of 205 mph. Braking is similarly astounding. This car is equipped with a carbon ceramic brake package, an option that added $19,000 to the original sticker price. 


Stepping into this 599 your eyes are drawn to the abundance of carbon fiber in the cabin. The air vents, shaped like jet engine turbines are covered with carbon fiber, the steering wheel is inlaid with the material and is adorned with several switches and buttons. Peering ahead there’s a large yellow tachometer front and center with carbon fiber shift paddles on either side of the steering wheel. The leather wrapped Recaros are sleek and supportive. At 6”1 I had more than enough room to find a comfortable driving position. Pedal the brake, press the start button and a crescendo of cylinders roars to life. The sound of the enzo-derived 12 cylinder motor is simply magnificent. Shifting the F1 gearbox takes a little getting used to, it really is a manual gearbox with sequential shifting and not a tiptronic automatic. On the open road the 599 feels remarkably well balanced and is a joy to drive. The car is responsive and easy to finesse around corners. Switching between automatic and manual mode happens with the press of a button and gives you complete control. The proportions of the 599  will delight you in a scale of grandeur yet provide the responsiveness of a much smaller machine.


  • Carbon ceramic brake system with yellow calipers (original surcharge: $1,569)

  • Carbon fiber driving zone (original surcharge: $5,846)

  • Scuderia Ferrari shields (original surcharge: $1,743)

  • Monolithic BBS 20” wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber (original surcharge: $3,536)

  • Full electric Recaro seats (original surcharge: $3,710)

  • Leather rear shelf and other options (original surcharge: $6,083)

2007 Ferrari


  • VIN: ZFFFC60A470155370

  • Year: 2007

  • Transmission: F1 Superfast 6 speed sequential manual 

  • Engine: Enzo derived 4 cam 5.9 liter V12. 611 HP, 448 lb-ft torque

  • SCM Magneto-Rheologicial Suspension Control

  • F1 Trac-predictive traction control

  • Il Manettino - steering wheel mounted systems control

  • Bi-xenon headlamps

  • Miles: 18,000

  • Exterior Color: Tour de France Blue

  • Interior Color: Gregio Gray

  • Title: Clean

  • Consignment: Yes

  • Location: Denver, CO