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SEEKING photographers

Thank you for your interest in being a photographer with Cult Cars! 

As a photographer at Cult Cars, you will be an integral part of making our consignments a success. Your photos will be showcased on high traffic automotive sites across the web and reproduced as limited edition large scale posters for our clients.

We are looking for clear, honest, and compelling images – no over baked images or Photoshop creations. Our vehicle listings need a captivating “hero shot," one that captures the attention of anyone who views it. This hero shot will also be the centerpiece of a custom poster that goes out to the buyer and seller as a souvenir. You will also receive a copy in the mail as an additional thank you!

We value your time and expertise and will compensate you accordingly.

Lancia Delta 1_edited.jpg

If you are interested in joining the Cult, please email the following information to, or fill out the form below!


Once approved, we will reach out to you if we have a consignment in your area and schedule a time for you to meet with the owner of the vehicle for the photoshoot. As the photographer, you will need to scout out locations for the shoot in advance. We’ve found that scenic roads, industrial areas and open shade areas work best. Locations also should not distract from the vehicle! We will also be sending you a guide and shot list to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone!

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