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We are a boutique dealer specializing in the consignment of Cult Cars, vehicles produced in limited quantities of varying ages. 

We've found that selling a car can be a hassle, from paperwork and inspections, to finding not only a buyer, but a serious buyer. Consignment with Cult Cars is the perfect solution for enthusiasts who would rather be driving than selling.


Check out our award-winning promo video and meet founder and owner, Ilan Brown. A special thank you to John Hunt and Arcadian Pictures for all of their hard work. 


What defines a cult car?

Cult cars are defined by the limited quantities in which they are produced. Collector cars may also represent limited production models, but it is not a defining characteristic.

Unlike collector cars, cult cars don't necessarily appreciate in value. Just because something is rare doesn’t necessarily make it more valuable.

Insurance companies and state departments of motor vehicles generally view collector cars as being at least 15 years old. Some cult cars are brand new while others vary in age.


Transparency - value - service

Virtual Consignment

Cult Cars offers boutique consignment services, which gives us the ability to focus on customer satisfaction and ease of selling. With the vast majority of vehicles being sold online, we don’t see the logic in paying to store your car in a warehouse where it can’t be driven or enjoyed. We believe it makes more sense for our clients to store their own vehicles while we do the marketing.


Typical consignment fees range from 10 - 12.5% which covers building overhead, salaries and other expenses. With low overhead we can offer a very competitive 6% commission (based on the sales price).

Utilizing unique rural and urban landscapes we’re able to create a professional and captivating portfolio of images that are magazine worthy. When your listing hits the market we want to make an impact. Buyers seeking a rare, ultra high-performance vehicle like yours should have an immediate, visceral reaction when they first see the listing. Photos, video, a well-written description... we'll use them all.


Other consignors typically shoot every car in a warehouse. The images of your car would look just like the images of every other car they’re selling. We aim to create an emotional connection with your target audience. When the sale is complete we give the buyer and seller a printed  “hero shot” as a little memento.


Cars are what bring all of us as automotive enthusiasts together, and lifetime friendships can be formed. We co-sponsor the state's largest Cars & Coffee event in Lafayette, Colorado, where our clients have the opportunity to present their vehicles to an audience of 1,000+ enthusiasts every month. We participate in monthly club events, cruises and regularly contribute to on-line car culture through enthusiast groups and  forums. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event!


Meet the owner

Cult Cars was founded by ilan Brown, a Denver Colorado native. ilan has a passion for rare and quirky cars, especially from the 1980's and 1990's. One of his favorite's is a 400 hp '97 Saab 9000 Aero he calls the "Scandinavian Mistress," his love for Swedish cars  runs deep. Having bought and sold numerous cult cars over the years, he was always discouraged at how frustrating the process had become and wanted to provide a better solution. A hassle-free way to connect cars of interest with the next owner. The result? Cult Cars.


136 W 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Monday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm 

Saturday from 9:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm (only available to Sellers)

(720) 755-1343

Preferred Vendors

preferred vendors


Mile Hi has been in business since 1969, offering top notch collision repair and service for Saab and Subaru. Jerry Danner and his daughter Michelle run the shop alongside a crew of enthusiastic and devoted  empoloyees who have been working on Saabs for several decades. The folks at Mile-Hi consistently provided excellent customer service, fair prices and a convenient central Denver location. --- (303) 595-4646


We initially discovered Paddock to work on our BMW's, but they also have extensive knowledge when it comes to other premium imports. Since his teens, owner Doug Paddock has been working on cars. As his knowledge and technical expertise grew, so did his passion for high-performance vehicles. As a result, he’s been servicing BMW’s and Audis for nearly 30 years. Doug recruited a team of automotive service professionals that combine certified automotive expertise with a drive to keep customers’ vehicles running at optimum levels. --- (720) 893-8038


Located in the heart of Denver's River North district (RINO), you'll find Movement Motorsports. This shop is is owned by two BMW enthusiasts, Rob Stine and Bill Lindauer.  Their focus is on BMW and Mini, but on any given day you'll see a variety of projects in their garage. Rob is a factory trained BMW technician with over a decade of experience. Rob took on the challenge of building our Saab 9000 into the torque-steer monster it is today. His dedication and passion is evident to anyone who meets him. --- (303) 848-3859

classic 200

You'll find Jamie Turner, a native of Great Britain and the owner of Classic 200 operating out of a small garage in Aurora. A Union Jack flag admit rare one of a kind vehicles -- most custom projects with motorsports heritage. Jamie has both competed in, and serviced high level rally cars campaigned in international competion. He's a man one show with the knowledge and expertise that rivals a shop filled with mechanics. We were fortunate to have Jamie look after the Escort RS Cosworth we imported from Belgium in 2019. --- (720) 938-6010‬

Auto Weave Upholstery

For nearly 30 years Ron Nelson has been installing  some of the best quality automotive interiors along the front range. We rely on Auto Weave for headliners, custom dashes,  upholstery and fine custom work. The shop is located off 70th and Washington and generally books several weeks out.


(303) 288-6222

Troy Casteel owns Apikol Performance and has spent most of his life working on Audis. He a 5 cylinder sorcerer and provides an array of services from dyno-tuning expertise to custom fabricated parts.  Apikol also offers comprehensive on-site services for Audi/VW, Porsche, and BMW vehicles. These services include standard vehicle maintenance and repair, performance part installation, custom fabrication, and engine tuning. --- (303) 731-3571


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