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She Don't Get Out Much

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

1990 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Sold for: $52,800.00

Market Value: $33,702.00

The C4 Corvette was never particularly loved by the masses, however, it was hard to not see the appeal of the quad-cam ZR1. This was the first generation of the ZR1, and it produced 375hp, plenty of power back in 1990. This particular car was bought in 1990 and driven once for a date night and parked in a climate-controlled garage since then. When I arrived at the vehicle for the detail, it had 53 miles on the odometer. While you might assume that the paint on a 53-mile car would be perfect, it was far from that. The C4 was painted in single-stage paint which had faded over time, not only was it showing signs of oxidation and fading, but the car had clearly been wiped down incorrectly throughout its life.

I decided that the best course of action was to ignore the deeper scratches and focus on the preservation of the paint job on such a low mileage vehicle that will no doubt be kept at its current 53 miles for a long time to come. I used an incredibly light polish to remove the top layer of oxidation while sacrificing as little paint as possible to ensure that this vehicle will retain its original paint for the time to come. Following the light polish I applied a natural carnauba wax to revive and protect the paint. Over the next few days of the auction, I used a spray wax to wipe down the car and reapply hand wax that was soaking into the old, dried-out paint.

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Adam Sheehan Professional Detailer/Collection Manager

Owner – Adam’s Auto Spa

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