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Battling Soft Paint and Solvent Pop on a '94 Porsche

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

1994 Porsche Turbo 3.6 Coupe

Sold for: $286,000.00

Market Value: $309,200.00

This 964 Turbo 3.6 beauty finished in black over black, producing 355hp this car was a monster of its time. We often take for granted the high horsepower cars of today, however, in 1994 355hp was nothing less than significant. These cars have been highly sought after since inception.

I was given the opportunity to detail this particular car and started the detail by taking paint depth readings. 964 Porsches are notorious among paint correction specialists as tricky, these cars have incredibly soft and thin paint. This means that there is a significant risk of burning through the paint, as well as difficulties in obtaining a clear finish. Upon taking readings, I noted that the front end had received paintwork, shown by a 100-micron jump in paint depth. The hood was showing particular problems with deep scratching, etching marks, and areas of solvent pop.

I decided that the best course of action was to use a microfiber cutting pad and cutting compound on the front end in order to correctly blend the aftermarket paintwork into the rear section of the car. After cutting the front end, I used the softest foam polishing pad I had at my disposal and polish in order to remove light swirl marks and regain clarity and gloss to the paint. We used a hand-applied Carnauba wax to protect the paint and provide further gloss and clarity.

Despite the paintwork in the front end, we managed to blend the texture and depth of color into the entirety of the car, and it came out looking rich and glossy.

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Adam Sheehan Professional Detailer/Collection Manager

Owner – Adam’s Auto Spa (Instagram)

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