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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

1985 Porsche RUF-BTR Recreation

Year: 1986

KM: 149,850


Location: Nürnberg, Germany

We love the idea of owning an original RUF BTR, and we've got one featured in this week's collection of cars from"Down the Rabbit Hole," our journey through the cars available from eBay Germany. For many of us, the cost of owning the genuine article is out of reach, so we're excited to present this recreation which, according to the seller, has many original RUF parts. It does not have a big turbo nor does it make a lot of power but it looks cool and is a car you can drive.

The seller states the service booklet and invoices are available, he also states engine and bodywork were carried out in 1986 with RUF body parts. He notes power was increased to around 258 hp (Camshafts/control unit).

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