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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

1981 BMW M1 Coupe

Price: $599,900 Buy it Now

Location: St. Louis, MO USA

Miles: 18,437

reddish orange 1981 BMW M1 Coupe in a showroom with white floors and walls, a Rolls Royce and many other cars in the background

In 1978 BMW launched the M1, a high-performance coupe designed for competition in the ProCar series, which had been created especially for this car. It marks the genesis of the BMW M brand and with just 397 examples produced over a three-year production run, this car would be destined as a collector piece for generations to come.

Power is derived from a 277 hp 3.5 liter straight six. A sprint to 60 mph arrived in just over 6 seconds making the car a capable adversary in Group 4 racing. It also made appearances in European tarmac rally events. We believe the M1 is a great long-term investment-grade vehicle. Jason Cammisa will give you the full rundown on this recent upload from Hagerty. Check it out here:

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