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Minty Fresh Five Cylinder Wagon

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

1995 Audi S6 Avant Wagon

Price: $24,975 Buy it Now

Location: Brentwood, TN USA

Miles: 95,175

rar aluminum silver metallic 1995 S6 Avant audi wagon with four doors parked inside of a garage with a blue tile floor and boxes, cabinets, and other stuff piled up in background

The seller describes this as “possibly the cleanest 95 S6 Avant in existence!” It is 1 of 63 Aluminum Silver Metallic 1995 wagons and according to the seller everything works like new and notes there is no corrosion, no oil consumption, no fluid leaks of any kind, and it was never modified in any way.

Recent service includes; the timing belt and water pump being replaced less than 10k miles ago as well as a new front camshaft and crankshaft seal, new valve cover gasket, new timing belt roller, fresh gearbox, and differential oil, new Bilstein HD front struts, new power steering pump, new continental all-season tires, along with a list of other items. We’ve long loved the Audi C4 platform, especially with Avus wheels, and we’d absolutely love to own this time capsule.

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