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Doubling Down on Subaru’s This Week

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

1996 LHD SUBARU IMPREZA GT TURBO 555 Rally Limited Edition #50/201 Made

Buy it now GBP 13,500 (the equivalent of $16,639 at the current exchange rate)

The Impreza Gt Turbo was originally built as a limited edition model for the European market, with only 201 examples built for the 1996 model year.

This car has covered 109,000 miles and according to the seller, has been dry-stored since 2017. The seller claims the car is in excellent condition but in need of timing belt replacement and we suspect it could also use a fluid replacement before being recommissioned for road use.

We appreciate the seller’s honesty who also notes “The exterior paintwork does need some attention due to multiple age-related small dints/scratches, the main thing being a hole in the rear bumper skin.”

The car is currently located in Cumbria, UK with a private seller. We dig this car for the limited edition pedigree, the price is right and it makes the right burbling sounds! Cult Cars has an affiliate network in Europe to assist with pre-purchase inspections. We make the import process transparent and hassle-free!

Don't let a car being overseas stop you from driving your dream car; we have international affiliates that assist in checking out the cars and make the process of international sales simple. We not only specialize in imports, but we also do the importing for our fellow car enthusiasts. Contact Cult Cars to help you buy or sell now!

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